Privacy Policy

Are you not feeling safe while using our site services? Have come across with a doubt whether your personal information will remain protected with us or not? Don't be upset! This is quite natural that you feel scared and worry about being misused. In order to remove such tension from your mind we have come up with this privacy policy page. Read our privacy policy carefully before you browse our site and use our services. By reading our policy carefully you will get to know what we collect and how we make use of your personal information.

We use highly advance security measures to keep all your information intact and confidential with us. We do not share your personal details with the third party. We sometimes might share it with legal entity, if need arises. We ask for some of your basic details like name, contact number and email ID just to share it with our trusted penal of lenders so that we can capably find right match for you that fit into your needs and budget. Please share your accurate information with us only as we only depend on that to search for best loan offer for you with convenient terms and at affordable rate of interest.

We do not ask for information from all those people who just browse our site pages just to take some loan details and to know about our various loan programs. We only ask you to provide your personal information when you apply with us and fill up our loan application form.

There are some third party links available on our web portal just to provide you some additional information. Using them is completely your responsibility and we have no role in that. Please make sure to not share your password or other confidential details with anyone if you do not want to get misused.

We keep on changing our privacy policy from time to time, may be its parts or sometimes entirely. All changes will do get publish on our website. Just check this page on our site every time you visit us to keep a track on all changes made on our privacy policy page.